Interior Design AZ

Remodeling Services


We kick off every renovation project with our first consultation session. We will discuss your preferred styles and your overall goals, as well as budget and expected timelines. You will leave this initial meeting feeling confident of our processes and you'll know exactly what to expect. Over time, we will continue to refine your style profile and make sure your space fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Renovation Design Process

We kick off every renovation project with our first discovery session. We discuss your style and your goals, as well as budget and timelines. You will leave feeling assured of our process and know what to expect in terms of scope and fees. Over time, we will continue to refine your style profile.

We offer to walk through your home with you and conduct a site visit in order to evaluate your renovation goals and vision, as well as provide our professional recommendations for demolition, remodeling, and restoration design and scheduling.


Whatever the size and scope of your project, this is the stage in which we share our design ideas. Using inspiration images and sketches, we will present a detailed plan that once approved, will become a full set of construction documents for permitting, pricing, and implementation.

Our remodeling team coordinates and manages the final selections for your renovation project, while our interior design team begins the planning stage for and fixtures and furnishings. We prefer that our clients work with us throughout the process for efficiency and peace of mind.


We work with a professional network of landscape architects and designers to complete the exterior portion of our designs. We will work on your behalf to achieve an landscape design that complements not only the exterior architecture of your home, but the interior structure too.

In order to perfectly execute your remodeling plans, we consult with builders and contractors on your behalf, and walk you through the details and contracts to make sure you select the perfect build team for your renovation and remodeling project.

While in the construction the phase, we regularly conduct site visits and construction evaluations to ensure they match with the overall design plans . We will provide regular progress reports with you as the project moves along, always keeping lines of communication open.

Final Design Phase

At the completion of construction, our interior design team takes the lead. Over the course of 1 to 5 days, depending on the size of your project, we install all the pieces that will finally make your new house feel like your new home.

We say that we do everything for the love of home, and this is when it all comes together! We pop the champagne and welcome you with a few more surprises as we conduct our initial walk through. It is time for you to enjoy your newly renovated retreat.